The mission of the Arc of Ulster-Greene is "to offer people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities opportunities to live and experience full lives" and they live this out when advocating for and providing supports to 1,300 people from preschool through adulthood.  What guides them? Their core values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence. 

They have a leadership team in place with the following being those that are involved with transportation - 

  • John McHugh - Executive Director 
  • Tom June - Director of Administrative Services and Safety   
  • Sondra Cozza - Director of Transportation 
  • Mobility Manager; JennaRose Dwyer - Administrative Assistant; Flo Gombert - Transportation Supervisor 
  • GCT drivers

The Arc of Ulster-Greene is governed by a board of directors who represent a wide range of expertise across many areas. To learn more please visit the Arc of Ulster-Greene web site.