For those who are 60 years or older you are able to ride Greene County Transit, fully subsidized. Now that's budget friendly!  To get set up to receive your 1st coupon book, 

  1. Fill out a registration form, print it and mail to the address specified on the form or  
  2. Contact the Greene County Department of Human Services at (518) 719-3555 or 
  3. Ride the bus, paying for the fare, and ask the driver for a registration form.  You can also give the driver a filled out form. 

Some general information about the senior coupons - 

  • The coupons in the book will have your name on it and can not be used by anyone else. 
  • If you are riding the shuttle it is just one (1) coupon to ride all day long.  
  • If you are riding one of the routes. it is just one (1) coupon, each way, and you will get a free shuttle pass to use.   
  • When you come to the green coupon in your book, use it just like any other coupon. The colored coupon is used as an indicator for the Department of Human Services to let them know that you will be running out of coupons soon. If all goes smoothly you should receive a full coupon book in the mail before your current one runs out.