Fare Information

  • Each route is $3.00, one-way, that includes a free daily shuttle pass.

  • The shuttle is $2.00 for the entire day.

  • Please have exact change as the driver DOES NOT have change available. 

  • Transfers are free.

  • Children, 5 and under, are free.


This is a Route Deviation Service. All routes allow a passenger to use a deviation, up to ¾ of a mile, off the main route used by those who cannot get to a scheduled stop.  A reservation must be made, by contacting us at (518) 943-3625, 24 hours before the end of the business day before the ride is needed. There is an additional $10 fee, each way, charged for this service. 




Pass Information

  • Senior Pass - Seniors (60 and over) are eligible for their fare to be fully subsidized by filling out a registration form or by contacting the Greene County Department of Human Services at (518) 719-3555.

  • Prepaid Pass - We offer the option of paying for a fare ahead of time through the purchase of prepaid passes. We have three ways that you can purchase them -  

  1. On the bus - You can purchase a small amount of passes. The money for purchase of the pass goes into the fare box. The driver is NOT able to give change. This has been convenient for some that want to pay for a round trip on a route ahead of time. 

  2. In person - You can stop by the office at 311 West Bridge Street in Catskill. We just ask that you stop and sign in with the receptionist. 

  3. By mail - You can mail a money order or check to GCT, 311 West Bridge Street, Catskill, NY 12414. For personal checks, the passes will be sent out once the check cleared. 

Passes are $3.00 each for the routes and $2.00 each for the shuttle. Looking for a way to save money?  If you purchase 40 or more, at one time, a 10% discount will be given. If you have any questions just give us a call at (518) 943-3625.