1930 Mountain View Coach Line bus

Pictured above is a Mountain View Coach Line bus from a 1930 advertisement in "The Examiner", a former Greene County newspaper.  The picture was published in the Daily Mail on May 14, 2014. 

The information below was pulled out of Field Horne's book, "The Greene County Catskills : A History", that is on the shelf at Vedder Research Library in Coxsackie.  

  • 1915  Henry J. Albright's Mountain View Coach Lines - 1st motorized bus service, Coxsackie to Albany 

  • 1916 There were extra passengers to the Coach Line so Henry's wife followed behind in a car 

  • 1926 Albright did 3 runs daily to Albany joined by 6 small companies. 

  • 1920's boarding houses had their own vehicles to meet trains and boats, some were still horse drawn

  • 1927 1st trip, early summer NYC to Catskill Auto Bus  


1909 Road travel state highway program - amendment to an 1898 highway law numbered 5 routes in Greene County as part of a statewide system

  1. River road (State Route 3)

  2. Catskill to Delaware (County Route 5A)

  3. Cairo to Albany (County Route 5B)

  4. Palenville to Haines Falls (County Route 5C)

  5. Schoharie to Grand Gorge passing through Prattsville (Route 38)

  • "1st road" Catskill to South Cairo extended to Durham by 1914

  • Route 9W was built 1931