Why do we put a limit at two bags? 

 two brown bags with groceries

We look at the 'all seats are taken' situation on the bus and establish our guidelines from that view while also taking into consideration the number of times that GCT is servicing an area. All packages must be contained within the area of your seat. 

What are the different possibilities that can make up two bags?

The only requirements are - you have to be able to carry it on/off the bus and it must be able to be contained within the area of your seat, which can include securing them between your feet.  

  • backpacks typical backpack      

  • long duffel bags duffel 

  • military type duffel bags  military duffle

  • garbage bags big black garbage bags  

  • shopping bags brown paper bags 

  • luggage  blue with a set of wheels and a pull handle